What is retirement living?

Retirement living is all-inclusive independent living but without the responsibilities of home ownership. There are services that are included, such as dining, housekeeping and laundry that free up time for other things, and there is security in knowing staff is on hand if and when you need them.

What services does Faubourg du Mascaret offer?

Faubourg du Mascaret will offer a full continuum of service, including Lifestyle, Hospitality and Hospitality Plus. Additionally, Faubourg du Mascaret offers a licensed nursing home onsite.

If my spouse and I need different levels of care can we still stay together?

Yes, at Faubourg, couples can stay together. Depending on the situation, you may choose to live in Hospitality and request the necessary additional services as you or your spouse require them, allowing you to age comfortably in place.

Is there an age restriction to live at Faubourg?

Seniors of all ages choose to live here to enjoy the many amenities, services and convenient lifestyle.

Can I have pets?

At Faubourg du Mascaret we are happy to offer a home where pets can stop by to visit clients. However, due to health concerns for all of our clients, we do not allow pets to live on campus.

Why should I move into Faubourg du Mascaret if I am fit and active?

Studies indicate that community is the key to longevity and mental acuity for healthy aging and for peace of mind. Faubourg du Mascaret will offer a great deal of services and amenities to enhance an active lifestyle. Clients will be invited to take part in any number of recreation activities that promote health and wellness, and encouraged to maintain an active lifestyle on their own as well. We want our clients to feel the best they can, and being engaged and active is an important part of making that happen. Additionally, as your situation changes, you will have ready access to care according to your needs.

I am hesitant to move into Faubourg du Mascaret as I wish to remain independent. Will I still be able to do what I like and make my own decisions?

Faubourg encourages independence and freedom of choice. The Faubourg lifestyle ensures you can relax in the social spa setting, make new friends and share interests.


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