Cost of Living Calculator


Monthly Cost My Current Costs Faubourg
Monthly mortgage / rent Included
Property tax Included
Property insurance (does not include content & liability insurance) Included
Utilities (gas, hydro, water, electricity) Included
Local phone / cable Included
Maintenance (furnace, plumbing, painting, etc.) Included
Condo fees (including special condo fees in lieu of house repairs) Included
Healthy chef prepared meal(s) Included
Housekeeping & linen service Included
Landscaping (grass, garden, snow removal) Included
Transportation (payments, insurance, fuel, licensing, repairs) Included
Security services Included
Emergency Communication System Included
Social, cultural, recreation events Included
Health / fitness programs Included
Peace of mind Priceless
Monthly Cost

Please contact your Lifestyle Consultant for more information. Rate comparison is based on the Hospitality service line, studio suite. Monthly fees vary based on suite type, availability, location and view. Taxes are not included.